Day 1

So… this is the first post in what is hopefully to be an interesting gamedev diary (at the very least for myself ;-).

A while back I decided I wanted to make a game of my own. The idea for it has been brewing in my mind for several months and I’m currently in the stage where I’m starting development on a prototype.

The working title of the game is Knock-On Effect and it’s planned to be a single player turn-based tactics game. A mix between X-Com and Jagged Alliance, but centered around a linear storyline and of a smaller scope.

I don’t exactly know yet where it’s going to go, but I’m definitely starting it on my own, spending what time I can spare on it. It’s been less than a year since I started in game development so I’m going to take it slow, step by baby step, as I have lots to learn.

But this diary is where I’ll try to report on whatever I’m working on. Hopefully on the way we’ll see the game unfold.

Interesting times ahead!

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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