Day 7 – Character Models

Today I spent looking for and setting up the character models to use for my three protagonists. The two special forces: Saint and Needle, and the bad guy: Kingpin.

I decided to use asset packs from the Polygon series by Synty Studios for the prototype. These are high quality asset packs that contain a lot of character models and environment props that fit together, even across the different packs. I also think the stylized low-poly look will work well for the player perspective in the game.

In the end I picked the following 3 models to move forward with:

Saint – Needle – Kingpin

I use models from different asset packs and those might require slightly different configuration, so I also spent some time setting up a way to store character configurations to hide those details behind interfaces.

The current characters are extremely simple: a base model with a single optional accessory (the mask over the soldier’s face). I created a character builder scene where I can change a character configuration in the editor – switch model, attach accessories – and see the changes immediately. It helps me ensure everything is correctly set up.

Even though I’m not planning to have any kids in the prototype, I did do some tests with the child models from the kids pack, because I want to verify my configuration can handle those as well. You never know.

Playing around with different character configurations in the character builder scene

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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