Day 10 – Turn! Turn! Turn!

The day started awesome with finding the invitation for my Covid vaccination in my inbox. In less than 2 months I should be fully vaccinated and one step closer to freedom, hurray!

Rejoicing in that perspective, I moved on to implement the basics of turn management for the game. I created the scene for the prototype mission and spawned the 3 character models in it. The special forces are one team, Kingpin is another.

Each game turn first the special forces team can move, then the enemy. As I have nothing AI hooked up, the Kingpin turn is also controlled by the player.

But actually the player can’t do anything yet except end turns and look around with the camera. There’s free camera movement and whenever the active character changes the camera focuses on the new character… but that’s it.

I’m not really satisfied with the character switching and the UI however, think I’ll make some changes there tomorrow.

Anyways, you can see the result of today’s work in the video. Time to hit the weekend!

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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