Day 23 – V-Day!

Not much of a game progress update but an important day: I received my first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. It was all very well organized, in and out in half an hour, 15 minutes of which was spent waiting to see if there wouldn’t be any side effects.

Big thanks to all the volunteers for helping out and making it such an efficient experience! In five weeks I get my second shot and then I should be all set.

But, not only was it V-Day today, it’s Devil-day as well. The Belgian Red Devils are playing their 2nd game in the Euros in half an hour. It’s against Denmark and while I most definitely sympathize with the Danish after the dramatic events in their first game, I do hope our Devils put down a convincing win!

You can expect a bit more of game update tomorrow, right now I have a soccer game to watch 🙂

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