Day 27 – Xbox support

Over the weekend I not only finished Gears: Tactics (which was fun), I also spent some time on implementing Xbox support.

Running the prototype on my Xbox is something I’m aiming for, and it’s also one of the tasks I defined for the first milestone. For some reason this weekend I suddenly felt like spending time on that before working out the capture action.

So part of Saturday and the entire of today was spent trying to create a runnable build… because of course it did not work just like that. Things that worked before did not when I created a Universal Windows Platform build (the system I use to run the game on Xbox).

It took some figuring out but I think I tracked down most of them. The gamepad controls do need some improving still, something I’ll do tomorrow. After that the milestone should be equally playable on pc and Xbox and I’ll move back to the capture action, the final step.

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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