Day 29 – Capturing the Kingpin

It took a bit more time than I originally anticipated, but I finalized the capture action today.

If the player moves a soldier close enough to the Kingpin, he can take the Kingpin captive. The first time this happens a cutscene is played.

If he’s captured, Kingpin can be controlled by the player and brought to the extraction zone. There’s a caveat though, the soldier that is guarding the captive must stay close enough, else the captive will escape again.

Compared to the walking actions there was more involved with implementing all this:

  • support different areas for capturing and guarding the captive + visualizing them at the right time
  • keep track of cutscenes played so I don’t play the same cutscene if the Kingpin is captured a second time
  • moving the Kingpin to the player’s turn if he’s captured but instantly reactivating his own turn if he manages to escape
  • adjusting the success/failure conditions to take the captive status into account: the Kingpin can’t escape when he’s captive and the player can’t win unless the Kingpin is captured
  • update my test setup to test the visuals, the cutscenes and the different status effects more easily

It touched on many aspects of the current game infrastructure, which made it a pretty good feature to implement at this point. You can see the actual capture and cutscene in action in the video.

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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