Day 35 – Holding a pistol

It’s great that my characters can walk, but the fact that they are standing around unarmed does take away a bit of the tension. Unarmed characters are more the exception than the rule in the game I’m aiming for, so it’s one of the things I felt like tackling next.

I have several gun assets and corresponding animations but have never glued them all together. Turns out the basics are fairly easy, the details require a bit more work.

I want to put a pistol in the Kingpin’s hands and machine gun rifles in the hands of the soldiers. Later on the Kingpin should only draw his weapon when he spots the soldiers and if he gets captured, he should drop it to the floor.

A lot of today was reading documentation, looking through the code and experimenting. I needed to get a better understanding of how my character controller works. It took some digging but I do have a basic animation for equipping and storing the pistol up and running.

Not done yet however, as you can clearly see in the pictures:

Work needs to be done on the pistol alignment, fixing the arm/hand clipping and finding a way to control where the character is looking, because right now looking too much to the ground. We’ll see how far I get tomorrow.

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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