Day 55 – The First AI Turn

Okay, I finished setting up a basic AI turn today. When it’s the Kingpin’s turn he will immediately run to one of the escape regions. It will take him two turns to get there, but if he does, the player loses.

Most of the time was spent tweaking the user interface for when the AI is active, and implementing the debugging options I mentioned yesterday.

When the AI is busy, the regular UI is hidden and a Enemy Turn heading show up. Because the AI takes its decision pretty much instantaneously, I also configured a minimum duration of a second. That way there’s at least the impression that it’s thinking, and it gives the player a little bit more time to follow what’s happening.

As you can see in the video I also tweaked the camera behavior a little: the camera now automatically follows a moving character, but only if that character is visible. This as well helps to keep track of what’s going on.

Tomorrow I can start work on improving the AI, give the player more of a chance to win 🙂

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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