Day 58 – Sidestepping into VR

As promised, another small update today. Trying to keep get back into the rhythm 🙂

Even though I’ve been prototyping Knock-On Effect for several weeks – the turn-based game I had in mind – from the start I’ve also had another type of game at the back of my head.

I’ve always been a fan of easy, casual adventure games and I think some of the short stories I wrote last year might fit quite well as the basis for a detective game. Perhaps especially in VR, as I can think of some fun mechanics that would work better in a VR experience.

But, as I have only sporadically tried VR, I don’t really have much to base that on. So I bought myself an Oculus Quest 2 a couple of weeks ago. As I’ve been playing around with the – quite impressive – VR experience I also noticed there’s not that many detective games out there, which leads me to believe my VR adventure idea might be worth exploring.

After all apart from looking for something that’s both doable in scope and time to make, it should also have some market potential.

Long story short: for the next couple of weeks I’m putting Knock-On Effect on hold and will be sidestepping into VR creating a prototype scene for a detective game.

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