Day 59 – Setting the scene

Okay, so my approach for creating a VR adventure prototype is to set up a regular adventure prototype and then adding VR support to it. I want a prototype where you can walk around, look at and interact with things and other characters (NPCs).

That lists the basic mechanics that I need:

  • the ability to move and look around from a first person perspective
  • the ability to look at specific things and get more information about them
  • the ability to pick up and interact with items
  • the ability to talk to other people

Today I created a simple scene with the different items I want to test, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Warning: scene is not for the faint-hearted.

Over the next days I’ll be turning this into something playable.

I’ll be using Adventure Creator, which is a great asset with lots of options for creating typical adventure games in different styles. Unfortunately VR support is limited but it does have the ability to play from a first-person perspective, which is what I’ll use to start. Make the scene playable first, then integrate VR support.

Tomorrow the implementation work starts. Probably by learning Adventure Creator basics through watching some video tutorials.

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