About me

Me, myself and I

I was born in 1980 in Belgium and currently live near the city of Antwerp, together with my wife Febe and our – old – cat Alpha.

In 2006 I co-founded a software development company called Foreach, and it’s where you’ll find me when I’m actually “working”, which usually means implementing or debugging software projects.

I’ve always thought about doing some fiction writing, but it wasn’t until 2020, during a couple of months off from work – planned before COVID-19 hit our shores, that I actually got started. Shortly after George Alpha was born in my first ever published short story.

Overall I like developing software, spending time with family and friends, cooking and eating good food, playing the occasional video game, watching movies and series, and obviously trying to write fiction once in a while.

What I read

I mostly like reading fantasy fiction, my favorites being all things Discworld, almost anything from Raymond E. Feist and all the Assassin’s books from Robin Hobb, but there’s plenty of others that I really enjoyed (like Wheel of Time, Belgariad, Codex Alera…).

I’m a pretty slow reader, unlike my wife who can tackle several books per week I do at least several weeks per book, sometimes even months. It means I’m pretty picky about what I read and – admittedly – rarely original, often just reading books again that I know I like.

About George Alpha

The idea of detective George Alpha was born on a Saturday in April 2020. I had been working on a draft of a larger manuscript, but wanted to try my hands at writing from a first person perspective and do so in a short story, something that I could get out there quickly.

Inspired by Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and tv series (like the Marvel Netflix series), I formed this image of a police detective in a city where people never really die but can always reincarnate.

The police detective was clear, but I still needed a name, and as I considered it just some experimentation with writing, I didn’t feel like searching too long for the right one. So I looked at our two cats George and Alpha, and decided to just stick their names together… et voila… our protagonist was born.

Unfortunately, George passed away on May 8th, 2020, right before I published Stolen Spirits. His sister Alpha is currently still with us, seventeen years and counting.

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