A bit of microfiction: The Spirit

As the priorities in my life have shifted a bit for the next couple of months, the release of Winning Ticket is postponed indefinitely. On the upside, I still had this micro story ready on my shelf. It’s set in the same universe but standalone and separate from the George Alpha stories. The Spirit ‘Today’sContinue reading “A bit of microfiction: The Spirit”

Winning Ticket delayed :(

Just an update to inform everyone that the next George Alpha story is delayed. June was spent doing chores around the house followed by a week of cycling holiday in Germany, so very little writing was done. In July I’ve been given the opportunity to do an internship at a Belgian game development company (CyberneticContinue reading “Winning Ticket delayed :(“

Winning Ticket expected in June

Just a little heads-up that Winning Ticket, the fourth episode in Old Spirits, will be out a bit later than expected. With the lockdown slowly being eased in Belgium, I can finally get around to doing some chores around the house (fixing stuff, painting…) which means I have less time for writing. My current aimContinue reading “Winning Ticket expected in June”

Reading is not writing – 4 things I learned writing fiction

Seems obvious that reading isn’t writing, no? But when I started on this journey three months ago, I had never really given it any thought. The second week of March I just decided I would spend some time writing stories. It was something I always wanted to give a try, and as I’m taking aContinue reading “Reading is not writing – 4 things I learned writing fiction”

A bit of microfiction: Rebirth

To tide you over until Winning Ticket is available, which will still be a couple of weeks I’ve written a piece of microfiction in the George Alpha world. You can read this as a standalone but it’s part of the Old Spirits season and if you’re following it, I consider the best time to readContinue reading “A bit of microfiction: Rebirth”

I hate creating plot outlines!

It’s official, I hate creating plot outlines, or well, maybe I just hate creating plots… For the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with writing different stories and I’ve discovered the hardest part for me is when I need to create the plot outline. Most of my stories start with a basic idea andContinue reading “I hate creating plot outlines!”

Side Effects now available on Wattpad

The second episode of George Alpha, Side Effects, is now also available on Wattpad. I’m experimenting with the serial publishing and will add a couple of parts of the story every Wednesday for the next weeks. If you like to read on your mobile from Wattpad, this could be a good option for you asContinue reading “Side Effects now available on Wattpad”