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I was born in 1980 in Belgium and currently live near the city of Antwerp, together with my wife Febe.

In 2006 I co-founded a software development company called Foreach, where I worked as managing partner for 15 years. I always combined more hands-on technical activities – like implementing and architecting software solutions – with leadership roles – like coaching teams and individuals.

In 2020 I took a couple of months off from work and apart from writing some short stories, I also started dabbling in game development, a long lost passion. That in turn resulted in an internship followed by several months of freelance work at Cybernetic Walrus, where I learn the gamedev ropes by helping out as a Unity developer.

In July 2021 we sold Foreach, at which point I decided to write a completely new story and focus on the game development world for the next couple of years. I set up this diary to chronicle my daily exploits as I start shaping a game of my own.

In 2022 I participated in the 2 Games a Month incubator program and as of July 2022 I’m starting my own indie game studio.

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