Winning Ticket delayed :(

Just an update to inform everyone that the next George Alpha story is delayed. June was spent doing chores around the house followed by a week of cycling holiday in Germany, so very little writing was done. In July I’ve been given the opportunity to do an internship at a Belgian game development company (CyberneticContinue reading “Winning Ticket delayed :(“

Winning Ticket expected in June

Just a little heads-up that Winning Ticket, the fourth episode in Old Spirits, will be out a bit later than expected. With the lockdown slowly being eased in Belgium, I can finally get around to doing some chores around the house (fixing stuff, painting…) which means I have less time for writing. My current aimContinue reading “Winning Ticket expected in June”

Reading is not writing – 4 things I learned writing fiction

Seems obvious that reading isn’t writing, no? But when I started on this journey three months ago, I had never really given it any thought. The second week of March I just decided I would spend some time writing stories. It was something I always wanted to give a try, and as I’m taking aContinue reading “Reading is not writing – 4 things I learned writing fiction”

I hate creating plot outlines!

It’s official, I hate creating plot outlines, or well, maybe I just hate creating plots… For the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with writing different stories and I’ve discovered the hardest part for me is when I need to create the plot outline. Most of my stories start with a basic idea andContinue reading “I hate creating plot outlines!”