Day 30 – Fly, boy! Fly!

With the capture action working I more or less considered my first milestone finished. But it bothered me that I didn’t have any visual indication on the Kingpin when he was captured… after all… he’s supposed to be held at gunpoint.

I wanted him to put his arms up while he’s a captive, and back down in case he escapes. To achieve that I first had to implement changing the animation state based on the state of the character, which was not very hard to do. I used a T-pose for testing (arms stretched to the side), which led to following result:

Interesting experience and has potential for a different kind of game, but not quite what I had in mind. Just a simple hands up pose was more what I was looking for. Turns out that’s actually harder to come by than I thought, didn’t really find anything like that.

So I fired up Blender, googled for tutorials and with a little help from the girls @ Cybernetic Walrus made my very first character animation.

Totally satisfied with the result!

With the Kingpin actually, visually, surrendering, I think this nicely wraps up my first milestone. I plan to make a video devlog of the full result tomorrow, which will showcase my animation in game.

Gamedev Diary Knock-On Effect

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